Welcome to my Deep Inhale blog!

My name is Anabelle and I began smoking at 15, just being a bad girl really, a friend introduced me to it and I got hooked fast, it didn’t take long. Smoking excited me then, gave me an awesome buzz, turned me on somewhat, then relaxed me, and now it’s all that as well as a friend.

I’m 25 and smoke two packs a day usually, sometimes more, and I love it!

I started this blog because I don’t know many people who smoke around me and want to connect with other smokers. I’ve always been involved in dance my whole life, I do yoga, I’m in great shape, and I’m a dance teacher now, so you can imagine most people are surprised to find out that I smoke. I don’t try to hide it much anymore, I used to, I was a total closet smoker, but less and less so today.

Of course I get the occasional lecture …

“You have to stop smoking!”

“You’re killing yourself and you’re so pretty!”

“Why are you doing this to yourself?!”

“I can help you quit!”

Why don’t you vape instead?

“Stop it!”

And on and on and on.

Well I don’t want to quit, I know what it does, good and bad, and I’m good with all of it, I love smoking!

Now, let me address the fetish …

I learned of the smoking fetish world a couple of years ago while I was dating an older guy. He was very much into watching me smoke and encouraged me to smoke more and more since it turned him on so much. To him there was nothing sexier than a woman smoking, me in this case. At that time I had also related smoking to a sexual thing, but not to that extent. I was open to experiencing mainly because I liked smoking and I liked him so I went with it.

He had me smoke two or even three cigarettes at a time (three is tough!), he would have me smoke a cigarette without removing it from my mouth, in other words, every breath was covered. He wanted me to smoke while we had sex (I won’t go into details, but you can imagine), he taught me to inhale deep, as deep as possible, something I wasn’t really doing until I met him, he made me learn smoke tricks, and he bought me every cigarette I smoked while I was with him. We’re not together anymore, but I see him from time to time. When we meet, which is not that often, he always brings me a carton as a gift … and he still loved watching me smoke 🙂

So all that experience with him caused me to go from almost a pack a day, to two packs a day and sometimes more, depending on how much time I have available, I’m usually busy.

I said I would never smoke in the car and I gave in to that pretty quickly. With all the smoking restrictions out there, my dance teaching schedule, and everything else, I found that if I didn’t smoke in the car I would be smoking much less, and I don’t want to smoke less.

What else can I say, that’s it for my background, if you want to know more, just ask!

So … welcome here!

13 thoughts on “A Little Background …

    1. I really like inhaling deep and I do it two ways, both ways include taking a deep breath. Mostly I hold the smoke in my mouth for a sec, then take a deep breath, this is how I learned to do it, it’s easier for me. The other way is doing it directly into my lungs but I’m not very good at doing it that way, doesn’t always work that well.


      1. As an aside Anabelle, thanks for starting this blog, it’s great to be able to share stories, etc. with those that enjoy smoking !

        On the subject of inhaling deeply, like you direct inhales can be tricky for me too, doesn’t always work properly and I wind up with a slight throat burn, kind of puts a damper on the feel of a great lung hit.

        A method that I use that gives a great lung hit and deep lung filling is – while dragging I exhale ALL the air from my lungs thru my nose and at the same time drop my diaphragm muscle ‘pushing’ it down toward my stomach. After my drag is maxxed out, I remove the cig and open my mouth slightly. When done properly, the smoke races it’s way to my lungs without even having to inhale much air. I don’t get any throat burn, and the smoke goes to the very depths of my lungs as evidenced by the awesome feeling and the fact that it takes numerous exhales including faint residuals to get all of the remaining smoke out.

        At first it took some practice to get the ‘timing’ right, but after a while it became second nature. Although you are obviously an experienced heavy smoker you might find that you even get a nice buzz by using this method, I sometimes do !

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      2. There was no reply tab on your last message back to me in regard to trying out ‘my’ deep inhale method so I went back to this prior message that had a reply tab.

        If that inhale method feels good for you, if you’re like me it will become second nature, I automatically do it on a high percentage of my drags. My lungs ‘tell’ me when they need the special extra hit !

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  1. Same for me ! I so love the feeling as the smoke enters and travels to the very depths of my lungs. To maximize that feeling I like very strong menthols, Newport 100’s for me. I look forward to that feeling with every drag I take.

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    1. I smoke Marlboro Smooth 100s and Newport 100s as well. Sometimes I’ll get the Virginia Slims menthol 120s because I like the length but they’re not as strong for me and I just got used to the stronger menthol cigarettes.


  2. I usually smoke Newport 100’s also, they give me the best lung hit of any menthols that I’ve ever tried. Sometimes I buy Marlboro Menthol 100’s (green pack), they’re good but to me aren’t as strong as the Newports. For a while I smoked NAS menthol (dark green pack) but the draw is too hard on them. I had to triple or quad pump them to get the volume of smoke needed to satisfy me.

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  3. Annabelle,

    So glad I came across your blog, and looking forward to following. I’m in North Florida area, and do some work in Ft Lauderdale/Miami area, and i felt that culture in South Florida is anti-smoking? Wishing I could find place in area where smoking was accepted, and meetup with others who smoke.

    I’ve only smoked about 4 yrs following a bad divorce, but I really enjoy it. Did your ex-boyfriend, who you smoked for ever have smoke you Marlboro Reds 100’s? For me, seeing a beautiful women smoke such a strong cigarette is the best.

    Hope to continue following, and look forward to your response. Have a great weekend.


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