I’ve heard that some things can cause chain smoking by enhancing the nicotine craving, like drinking alcohol and even using cocaine (which I don’t mess with).

That may be the case, but I tend to chain smoke when I haven’t smoked for a little while, like after teaching a class (I’m a dance teacher), being on a flight, stuck in a “no smoking” building for whatever reason for too long, and usually in the mornings after getting up.

When I chain smoke I’ll light up 3 or even 4 cigarettes in a row. Usually 3. Rarely just 2.

I’ll do it when I’m stressed out as well, which is not too often, I tend to live a fairly chilled life, and of course there are those times I’ll chain smoke just for the hell of it, because it feels good, for the beautiful pleasure of it.

The most I’ve chain smoked is 11 cigarettes in a row, non stop, but that’s a story I’ll talk about in another post.

Or should I mention it now …

Ok, I’ll mention it now …

It was that ex boyfriend I had who was into the smoking fetish scene, he asked me to dress “hot”, why not, so I put on my platform wedge sandals (I love all kinds of high heels), short little blue dress, sat on a comfy chair, crossed my legs and let him record me smoking 11 cigarettes in a row. My eyes were tearing up after a while, mostly because every couple of cigarettes he would ask me to keep it in my mouth and not touch it until it was down to the butt and the smoke got heavy around my eyes.

The whole thing gave me a huge buzz, it was a cool experience, it turned me on doing it because he was so excited, but I won’t tell you what he was doing while watching me, I’m sure you can guess lol.

I don’t know what he did with that video, I asked him to never post it anywhere and I’m pretty sure he didn’t. I’ll have to ask him about it. Maybe I’ll post it here someday.

Do you chain smoke? How many have you smoked in a row?


11 thoughts on “Chain Smoking

  1. Chaining is something I’ve rarely done, tried most other heavy smoking methods that I’ve heard of or devised myself. Gonna have to give it a try the next time I REALLY need a cig. My gut tells me I would have to probably drag less heavily than I normally do. I always drag very heavily so one at a time usually satisfies me for a while. If I remember right the most I ever chained was 4 in a row many years ago and my lungs got quite a ‘heavy’ feeling to them. Back then I didn’t drag as heavily/inhale as deeply as I do today. I did enjoy that heavy lung feeling but I achieve a very similar feel today with my very heavy smoking style as well as I always smoke my cigs down to the butt – I love the last very drags, the smoke is extra strong !

    When you smoked 11 in a row, did you inhale as heavily/deeply as you usually do. If so you must have a awesome pair of lungs !

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    1. When I did the 11 in a row I didn’t deep inhale so much, a few times, really I was just trying to get through it since it was a turn on challenge kind of thing. It was a wild experience. I chain smoke because I finish a cig and end up wanting another, so I don’t hold back, I just do it until I feel like stopping which is usually after two or three, but I don’t do this every time I smoke mainly because of time. I tend to do it in the car while in traffic, I really dislike traffic so I get anxious and smoke. Thanks for commenting.


  2. I know about the traffic stuff, makes me ‘antsy’ also.

    When I try to hit the ‘like’ star on your posts I get linked to Word Press.com. I don’t have an account with them. Guess I have to set up an account there to be able to ‘like’ your posts ? I started to set one up before and it immediately asked what type of account I wanted, one with blogs and there were several other choices. Maybe I’m doing something wrong ?

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  3. You’re very welcome ! It’s fun chatting with you since you so enjoy smoking – by chatting I’ve found that I’ve learned from others, things to try, etc. which have increased my smoking pleasure to an even greater level.

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  4. What’s the definition of chain smoking ? Smoke as much in a row as possible ? Or smoke all day long, hour after hour a lot of cigarettes ?
    Of course I smoke sometimes 3 or 4 cigarettes in a row, especially when I couldn’t smoke a while, most I did is 7 in a row.
    Bit I think I’m a real chain smoker because I smoke at least 6 cigarettes every hour. I smoke at least 4 packs Camel XXL (25 cigs) a day, rarely less, sometimes more.
    I can do that because I work as an admin from home as a brave job, and do another naughty job a few times a week to get more money in, as it’s very expensive.
    Curious what you think about it.


  5. 100 cigarettes in a day – I’m really impressed! Do you wake up in the night and smoke? And do you plan to go even higher?


    1. Hi Mike. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night to smoke specifically, but if I happen to wake up because I can’t sleep for some reason, I do tend to want a cigarette or two.


  6. I started smoking one day over stress and relationship issues. I’ve always been around second hand smoke my whole life so maybe this led me to it as well (Wouldn’t doubt it). Overtime I got used to heavier cigarettes, such as red 100’s (typically Timeless Time or This since they were cheap). I prefer American Spirits and Nat Shermans though, the strictly tobacco and water mix is my go to since it feels healthier I guess. Could be that it’s the pleasure or fulfillment but I can’t go without at least three a day or I get headaches and the shakes. I love smoking with black coffee and mint tea though, or with certain foods like bagels and coconut donuts. It’s very soothing to me. Other things I’ll do is write music and my poetry with a cig, maybe listen to a podcast or two. Anyways on average I smoke 6 a day and inhale as deep as I can all the way to the butt of the cig, I can totally see where you’re coming from.


  7. The only time I chain smoke is when I am smoking with my neighbor who actually got me started. She’s a heavy smoker and it’s hard not to smoke when she lights one up after another. I probably smoked four or five in a row with her in my life.


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