Here are ten pretty good reasons to smoke! Ready?


Number 1: Smokers have more reduced risks of Alzheimer’s disease than non smokers.

Number 2: Smoking protects against Parkinson disease.

Number 3: Smoking improves human information processing, you’re more focused.

Number 4: Smokers tend to be more tolerant and sociable than non smokers.

Number 5: Most great geniuses of the last 500 years were smokers.

Number 6: Smokers tend to be more creative than non smokers.

Number 7: Smoking relaxes the individual, and curbs the appetite preventing overeating.

Number 8: Smokers are sexier and more interesting than non smokers. It’s cool.

Number 9: Smoking is still economical compared to most other forms of pleasure.

Number 10: Smoking is a gratification of life!

One thought on “10 Reasons To Smoke!

  1. There are some very good points made here.

    I’d like to add one more that comes to the top of my mind.

    Smoking feels really great and is so enjoyable and fun to talk about and share with those who are like-minded. (Although I guess this may be just a ‘part’ of #10 on the list ?)

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