Have you felt yourself

Longing for a cigarette,

Imagining your lips pressing on the filter …

That memory pleasantly in your mind?

Have you found yourself

Filled with those nicotine feelings

So exciting

Of wanting to smoke … deep

And have it all return to your lungs

Because it all fits so well in your life

Planted firmly in that

Secret place in your heart,

Because they awaken feelings inside you

That you’re afraid to forget?

Can you remember that sudden rush of desire

When you finally held the smoke in your lungs,

The rush that made you feel so alive,

Your heartbeat quickly pounding

And your breathing becoming ever deeper and faster?

If you are aware, as I am aware now,

And as possible as I’ve learned to be

Maybe there’s more room still left in you

An opening in your life

For more and more nicotine.

2 thoughts on “A Poem (a weird one)

  1. I like this, you express your absolute love of smoking very well ! Can’t remember when I’ve read a smoker’s love of smoking expressed so vividly.


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