I was near home driving back from a birthday party, I was smoking, the weather had been nice here in South Florida so the windows were down …

All of a sudden I see cop lights behind me.

Damn it. I hate when that happens, I get nervous, jittery, those lights are disorienting, my heart was beating fast, I knew he was going to ask for license and registration so I opened the glove compartment and pulled out the envelope with the info, placed it on the passenger seat and continued to smoke my cigarette waiting for him to get to my window.

He came up, kind of good looking, around 40 maybe, he said good evening, looked at me, looked in the car, looked at my cigarette, then told me I was going a little fast and asked me if I had been drinking.

I smiled at him (that works sometimes), and said I had a glass of wine at a birthday party but that was it. He took my license and registration and asked me to hang on, but before he went back to his car he looked at my cigarette, then back at me again and asked how long I had been smoking.

I told him, for a while, expecting another uninvited lecture.

And as expected he said smoking wasn’t good for me, that I should try to quit.

I stayed quiet, I usually don’t respond when people say that to me anymore, it’s getting old, and depending on the tone they use, it’s annoying and rude, but he was kind of sweet about it, so I just smiled at him.

He then added … “but you look cute doing it.

He smiled back at me and walked away.

I felt the mood clearly change at that moment. That was a major flirt and I sat there wondering what would happen next. Maybe he was into watching women smoke, maybe he smoked himself, who knows, but I was going to ask him when he came back.

But I forgot.

I lit another cigarette while waiting. He came back and said “having another one …” as if suggesting I was a good girl and a bad girl at the same time. He handed back my license, registration and insurance card and told me everything was fine, I could go, for me to drive a little slower.

I guess the smoking may have gotten me out of that ticket.

He stood there watching me for a second and then told me that next time I get pulled over I should put out my cigarette, that other officers might not be so friendly.

I smiled again, said thanks, that I would do that for sure.

He said goodnight.

I drove away.

I never saw him again.

One thought on “Cute Cop Story

  1. Excellent story. You may well have stumbled into a cop that has a smoking fetish. There are far more guys who do than most would believe, and I suspect not many of them would divulge it publicly…..although perhaps more so now in the era where the internet has normalized the smoking fetish some. Whatever the case, I suspect he’s right that most cops would insist you put out your cigarette when you get pulled over. Lucky for you, you got the most smoker-tolerant cop in the state.

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