I smoke menthol cigarettes almost exclusively, always have, love them!

This doesn’t mean I won’t smoke a regular cigarette, I will and I have. My first one was not a menthol. My second one was, and from then on I was hooked.

A cigarette is a cigarette and though they vary in flavor, I’m open to experimenting and smoking different kinds, no major problem here.

Recently I found out that menthol cigarettes “… have been shown to inhibit nicotine metabolisation, leading to increased systematic nicotine exposure.”

And believe me, I need all the nicotine exposure I can get! So maybe this is why I continue to smoke menthols even though I didn’t know about this, I get more nicotine, I feel great, and I keep going!

Truth is I prefer the flavor of menthols.

Unfortunately I also learned that in 2012 menthol, or flavored cigarettes, were banned in Brazil. In Europe the EU Health Ministers agreed on a ban as well, and the European Parliament agreed by voting to ban menthol cigarettes as of 2022. There’s been some talk of that here in the U.S., but people and some organizations are fighting it so it looks like we’ll have menthol for the the time being. Crazy. Remember to take your menthol cigarettes when traveling, you never know!


I would smoke regular cigarettes if there was a ban here, no problem, it wouldn’t stop me from smoking, but still, taking away my menthols would hurt and I don’t like to be hurt.

Did you know that in the Phillipines 60% of all cigarette sales go to menthol cigarettes? That’s where they’re most popular. Here in the U.S it’s about 30% of the market.

And I’m a proud part of that 30%. Love my menthols.


12 thoughts on “Menthol

  1. Anabelle, I like you love menthol cigs, most especially Newport’s for me. I like them better than regular because I get a better pleasantly intense feeling when the smoke hits and fills my lungs (best I can explain although inadequate). How about you?

    Occasionally I’ll buy a pack of Marlboro Red 100’s for a change of pace. Although they’re not bad – they’re strong enuf but don’t give my lungs that ‘special’ feeling that Newport’s do – hard to exactly explain. Maybe it has something to do with the very high nic content of Newport’s combined with the difference in nicotine absorption with menthol cigs ( as you alluded to – thank you – I wasn’t aware of that) !

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  2. Another thing I like better about menthols is the fantabulous feeling they give to my nose ‘sensors’ when I nose exhale (which I do very frequently). Do you nose exhale and if so do you get the same great feeling ? When I nose exhale with non-menthols I don’t get the same awesome feeling.

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      1. Ever smoke Saratoga 120’s ? I tried pack – menthols of course a number of years ago – very strong and lots of tar and nic as evidenced by pleasant buzz, great lung hit and probably the darkest stained filters of any cig I ever smoked ! Also burned very slowly for loads of smoking pleasure ! They disappeared – there was a post about them on another forum and no one seemed to know about availability – many commented on how great they were. I’ve inquired in other states during my travels – no luck. If they by some chance were available in your area, you might want to give them a try.

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    1. If you find the Saratoga 100’s I would love to know so I don’t totally give up trying to find them. I would also like to know what you think of them. They are/were a really great smoke. Since you like Newports I think that you would love the Saratogas ! I looked for them today in both a 7-Eleven and Walgreens today here in NJ. Unfortunately NG.

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      1. Since you like the minty menthol in the Marlboro Smooth 100’s have you ever tried B+H Premium Menthol 100’s ? If not, they are fairly strong, not to the level of Newports though. They are quite minty though, too much for my taste. When I do my usual very heavy drags the degree of mintiness is too much for my taste.

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