In talking to a knowledgeable cigar smoker about inhaling cigars he gave me some real neat information.

I’ve inhaled little cigars, the thin ones, maybe a little bigger than a cigarette, but it’s harsh. I guess I’m used to inhaling because of the cigarettes. With the bigger cigars I naturally try, but can only inhale small puffs, it’s way too strong, but I get a nice buzz.

My cigar friend was telling me that as far as inhaling, there’s no specific rule, some cigar smokers do inhale, and some puff on the cigar and let out smoke through their nose which is a lighter form of inhaling, which he says bring out different flavors.

He says the reason cigarettes are easier to inhale is because of the chemical additives in the cigarettes that lower the temperature of the smoke. Handmade cigars are all natural tobacco and of course much bigger than a cigarette and the smoke is much hotter and thicker and they can damage the lungs and hurt if inhaled quickly.

Cigarettes are more acidic and absorb better in the lungs than the mouth, while cigars absorb better through the membranes in the mouth because it’s more alkaline, and as far as nicotine, the longer the tobacco is aged the more nicotine is available, which is another reason cigar smokers mostly absorb through the palate.

Interesting stuff.

He adds that he finds it incredibly sexy to see women smoking cigars, but unfortunately not many do.

I’ll smoke cigars sometimes (always while with him), but really, I prefer my cigarettes where I can inhale deep and get the most pleasure out of the experience!



6 thoughts on “Inhaling Cigars

  1. I don’t smoke cigars very often, but when I do I always inhale – guess it’s just that thing of loving to have my lungs filled with smoke. Lol

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  2. Wow….you smoke cigars too! You are the perfect woman! lol As much as I love seeing attractive young women smoke cigarettes, I’m with your friend in finding it even sexier to see attractive young women smoking cigars. I have a couple stories on my blog centered around cigar smoking and about a dozen sightings profiled featuring cigar-smoking ladies.

    Do you prefer the smaller cigars or the larger ones? How frequently do you smoke them?

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      1. Definitely no recommendations as I don’t smoke them. Visually though I certainly prefer ladies smoking the giant Churchill-sized cigars.


  3. Davidoff mini cigarillos silver or gold.
    I inhale them nearly as deep as cigarettes, it’s not easy to do but soooo good for my roasted lungs, they crave for it 🙂
    I smoke only 1 box a week of them (20), as they are fucking expensive, around 1 euro each,
    I smoke rarelt big cigars, allthough I like them, I prefer the nicotine rush in me


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