I like Haiku because a lot of emotions are so brief, they come suddenly and soon are gone.

A brief poem like this comes without secondary ideas, it doesn’t tell you what emotions to feel, it takes the reader to the edge of a cliff and drops them. In reading these, we get to know the sensations and events that moved the writer and we can better understand how deeply we identify with the environment we live in.

Hope you enjoy these.



Quiet moonlit night–

Neighbor mom smoking and drinking

topless in her backyard



This cool evening …

the last cigarette

in the pack



Summer night by the bedroom window

Deep inhaling

my menthol 120s



Rainy night

fresh out of the shower

I light a cigarette

One thought on “Smoking Haiku

  1. These are really cool ! I didn’t know what a haiku was – just did a Google. To, me they further indicate to me your true love of smoking and the tie of smoking to (your) sexuality.


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