My smoking friend, who I like to call “guru” (because he’s a spiritual guy) sent me this and I wanted to share it with you.


Meditation is essential in today’s busy world, but with a cigarette there’s no need to find any other mediation. Smoking itself becomes a meditation if the smoker gets lost. The whole point is to lose yourself, how or where is not important.

So Just lose yourself while smoking.

A point will come where you are not, and still things go on … as if you are possessed.

So forget any smoking techniques and all the thinking while you smoke. Make it a point to simply smoke …

As a prayer.

Then you’ll realize that smoking will have a different quality to it. You will feel for the first time that you are experiencing subtle things that you haven’t experienced before, that you are inhaling in dimensions which have never been known to you.

Little by little you will become more in tune with the unknown while you smoke, all thoughts will disappear. And without all the thinking, when smoking becomes pure and simple, it is perfect.

Smoke … as if you are deeply in love with the universe.


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