There’s good and bad news!

Have you ever noticed the tiny holes around the filter of your cigarette?

That’s called “filter ventilation” and it’s becoming more and more common, not only in light or ultra light cigarettes, but standard cigarettes as well.

The good news is the tobacco companies have been a bit sneaky about this …

They created these little holes around the filter (from what I understand) so that they can comply with government regulation on maximum nicotine and tar yields (and other good stuff) when cigarettes are tested in smoking machines, giving the impression that “something is being done”.

But in fact, these ventilation holes were created by the tobacco companies to beat the machines, knowing the machines would underestimated actual smoke exposure to smokers.

This is good news because as the government continues to try to control how much we get out of our cigarettes, the tobacco companies keep fighting to get us exactly what we want!

The tobacco companies were also aware that we loyal addicted smokers would compensate by doing something about the nasty ventilation holes.

And that we have!

Because we Need our Nicotine and Tar! Yes Please!

So how do we do it …

We increase the total volume of smoke per cigarette!

  • Take larger puffs!
  • Puff More Frequently!
  • Smoke to a Shorter Butt Length!
  • Block Vents With Finger, Lips, or Tape!
  • Increase Puff Velocity (lowering filter effectiveness)!
  • Remove Filters!
  • Smoke More Cigarettes!


So there!

They can’t keep us from getting what we NEED and what we WANT!

Do you know more ways to get more of what we need and want?

Please share!



4 thoughts on “More of What We Need & Want!

  1. I just bought Marlboro Menthol ff 100’s for a change of pace from my usual Newports. Just looked at the filter of one under a magnifying glass. Didn’t see any air holes in them.

    I like your list on methods for increasing tar and nicotine content I already do all except for covering air holes in filter, as to the best of my knowledge none of the brands that I smoke (all ff) have any.

    I’ve been dragging harder and inhaling my Newports deeper than ever lately. After switching to the Marlboro’s yesterday I immediately noticed that my hungry lungs weren’t being satisfied. Started double pumping them with no exhale in between – much better – just goes to show how much we become used to and need cigs that are higher in both nicotine AND also tar. There is no real satisfaction for me when I smoke unless I fill myself with a high dose of tar. Can really feel the difference !!!!

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  2. Another method that I enjoy for increasing tar and nicotine retained from a drag / inhale is by increasing the hold time or on occasion (as I just did) holding the smoke in the depths of my lungs till most / all of the smoke is absorbed. I love the heavy feeling that this leaves in my lungs ! It also leaves a nice buzz especially when I smoke Newports !

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