Here in my area we have two casinos where I can smoke indoors. One of them is the Hard Rock, my favorite!

I just love how cool it is to be able to smoke indoors in a public place, it’s so rare! I’ve been to Vegas before and that’s smoker’s heaven, you can smoke everywhere pretty much!

The first time I walked into a casino in downtown Vegas I started looking for smokers (it was a slow afternoon) and I didn’t see any, so I asked a security guard if smoking was allowed in that casino, and he said “You’re in Vegas, you can smoke anywhere, this is not California.


When I go to the casino I like to play the machines, I play baccarat (it’s super easy), I know how to play blackjack, and I play poker (getting better), but sometimes I like to go to the the casino just for the pleasure of smoking openly and freely.

I’ve always loved games and I used to have a semi pro poker player boyfriend who I would go to the casino with while he played tournaments. At that time I got into playing some casino games myself since I would be waiting for hours sometimes. After we split up I continued to go, to smoke, to play, to have fun!

It’s the only place I get to smoke for hours (and I do tend to smoke more in a casino) without getting lectured or having to move off into some corner or special smoking area.

I remember coming back from Vegas and they had a glass covered smoking area inside the airport not far from the gate, like a big box, and I thought that was so cool because usually I can’t smoke at all inside airports, I chain smoke a few outside before going in because I’ll be without a cigarette for hours. Hate that.

My mom told me it was different when she was young (she grew up in France), I’ve also talked to a couple of older smokers who tell me they miss the good old days where smoking was much less restricted.

I wish I could’ve been around to smoke in an airplane, or in a restaurant (though I can smoke in certain tables at the Hard Rock Cafe inside the casino, which is super nice), or smoke in clubs and bars … and I’m sure people didn’t feel the need back then to constantly lecture smokers either.

The good old smoking days.

Too bad I missed them … but at least I get a feel of what it might’ve been like back then when I’m inside a casino.

I think I’ll get dressed and go there now.







4 thoughts on “Casino Smoking

  1. The casinos in the Upper Midwest where I live are mostly smoking-permitted but almost all I see in there are little old ladies. I can count on basically one finger all of the attractive young female smokers I’ve seen while exploring the casinos. I really should get to Vegas though as I bet I’d see some things I like there. I just loved the quote from the security guard.

    I grew up in an era of restaurant smoking. It ended in 2007 and 2008 in Minnesota and Iowa, respectively, and before it ended, I was able to have some heavenly dinner dates with some lovely young smoker girlfriends who filled that smoking area up with heavenly smoke. One ex-girlfriend, Elise, was a huge chainsmoker and after we ate she routinely chained six cigarettes in a row as we chatted after our meal. She always let me light her up and that was so cool with everyone in the restaurant watching.

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  2. Ahh, yes, the “smoking or second-hand-smoking” section of the restaurant. 😉

    I actually prefer to start in the bar with a drink and cigarette, then eat in the “non smoking” section, then move back to the bar for dessert and another few cigarettes.

    I was right at the end of the smoking in restaurants (I, too, live in the PSRK – People’s Socialist Republic of Kalifornia), 1995, as memory serves.

    Nevada is already heading down the ugly path of limiting our freedom, btw: 2006 they banned smoking in restaurants or anyplace that minors aren’t already excluded, and permit smoking without limitation in areas within casinos where minors are already prohibited, stand-alone bars that do not serve food, strip clubs, and brothels.

    You and I are members of the only 9.2% of women who admittedly smoke in the PSRK , btw!


    1. Oops – sorry! Just reread that you’re in FL now, I only caught the PSRK portion when skimming – mea culpa!


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