I’m half French. My mother is French. My dad is American.

So what is the French Paradox? It means that the French smoke a ton of cigarettes, but the people are not affected negatively in the same way that the rest of Europe or, even more so, the United States are.

I read that this may have to do with possible nuclear test bombing in certain locations, that it’s not entirely the fault of cigarette smoking, but I don’t want to talk about that now, maybe I’ll write about it later.

I also think the French are not affected negatively as much by cigarettes because they smoke with true pleasure, they’re not smoking and thinking “oh this is bad for me, I should stop,” they smoke, without guilt, they enjoy it, and that’s how the cigarette is processed inside them, I think this helps a lot in how smoking, or anything, affects a person. Maybe the whole stop smoking thing is less in your face in France, maybe non smokers don’t feel the need to go on and on about quitting, constantly lecturing people about the “dangers of smoking, maybe people are just more tolerant about smoking there.

This in turn keeps a lot of negativity away from smokers, allowing them to smoke their cigarettes in peace.

It’s no wonder that with all the constant anti smoking negativity being thrown at smokers every day here in the US (and other places) that some smokers constantly smoke worried, guilty, negatively, thinking about how “bad” smoking is …


I’ve been watching my mom smoke forever, and she loves doing it, there’s no guilt while she smokes even though she’s always told us not to pick up the habit when we were little. But that was when we were little, we’re adults now, and today I can smoke and enjoy a cigarette with my mom without any weird feelings.

France is the country that introduced the most restrictions on smoking, but doesn’t really enforce them.


If you’ve ever been to France (I have a few times) you’ll see a ton of people smoking, a lot of young people, and a lot of women.

I think you just can’t stop the French from smoking, there’s too much love for nicotine there!

If you smoke, enjoy every bit of your smoking.

I’m going to light up now 🙂

7 thoughts on “The French Paradox

  1. Hi Anabelle,

    I tried to comment on this already but for some reason it wouldn’t allow me to. Just wanted to say I love your blog, your writing style, and think you’re doing great describing your smoking history and love for the act of smoking itself. I followed you here from the SFK but there’s nothing safe for work there. Also, I just really enjoy the site of a lovely woman smoking a cigarette. I like leaving a bit to the imagination. Anyway, I don’t smoke myself but for whatever reason have had this fascination with women smoking since I was born. I did take up vaping a while back in a sort of solidarity. In any case, hope you have a great day!

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  2. It also has to do with other lifestyle choices. The French eat higher quality food and smaller portions of it than do Americans. I’m not sure how physically active they are compared to Americans but that’s also a factor. If you smoke heavily, never exercise, and eat large quantities of garbage food, you’re probably gonna have a lot of health problems. The most at-risk smokers are those who fit this profile, so when their heart gives out, smoking typically gets the sole blame even though it was at best a secondary factor. By and large, if you’re a smoker who waited till their late teens (or later) to start, is physically active, maintains a healthy weight, and is not genetically predisposed to heart disease or cancer, your probably gonna do okay.

    Japan, by the way, is another country with a much higher smoking rate than the U.S. but much better health outcomes and far smaller incidents of smoking-related diseases.

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  3. i’m French, and unfortunately, your image of France smokers is not actual anymore. Smokers get more and more critics, are seen as antisocial, polluting people, ruining not only their health but the nation”s health budgets… and it gets harder and harder to smoke quietly here.


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