I’m a heavy smoker, I love my cigarettes, I need my cigarettes, my lungs hunger and beg for a smoke, Nicotine is My Master

But how far would I go for cigarettes?

One of my ex boyfriends played a joke on me one night, it was playful, but still, he hid my cigarettes and wouldn’t give them back.

I wanted to smoke and started getting angry.

It was the first time since I started smoking that someone kept cigarettes from me.

He said he would give them back if I was a good girl and did what I was told.

Like I said, it was playful, but I considered just leaving his apartment to buy more cigarettes, it’s not like he was holding me hostage or anything.

I don’t want to go into what he was telling me to do, but I did as I was told, I was a ‘good girl’ and he finally gave my cigarettes back.

I smoked hard, two in a row, and fast.

But this playful experience got me thinking …

What would I do for cigarettes? How far would I go?

When I’m kept from smoking for too long, specially when traveling to Europe (it’s like 9 hours in a plane!) I get a bit crazy and desperate.

On more than one of these flights I got so desperate I went to the bathroom and almost lit up, I thought I could blow the smoke into the toilet and flush it without anyone finding out, but I never went through with it, it’s illegal and I got scared thinking I would get arrested after the plane landed and spend an even longer time without being able to smoke.

At times like that I need a smoke so bad I sometimes think I would do almost anything to get it.

Or would I?


I recognize that my addiction is pretty intense, but the question remains …

How Far Would I Go?







15 thoughts on “How Far Would I Go?

  1. I personally would never hide your cigarettes. I love seeing women smoke, hiding their cigarettes is kind of mutually exclusive to getting to see them smoke might be a good way to say it. Interesting thread.

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  2. My god I bet you are a sight to behold when you are smoking. On a practical note, do you vape at all? I don’t smoke but I do vape, and it is a little less conspicuous – Not necessarily for airplanes – wouldn’t want to mess with the electronic ambience. lol. But maybe stealth-vaping at work or something. 🙂

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    1. No vaping here, it’s a very different thing for me, I’ve tried and much prefer my cigarettes! But I will have to try something while flying, it’s torture!


      1. Very glad to hear you don’t give the time of day to that vile vaping. I could see keeping one on hand for when you are on a plane though. Anything would be better than going all those hours without any kind of nicotine fix if you’re a heavy smoker.

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      2. I’m still not sure what to do on flights, but yes, vaping has been one of the suggestions made to me, nicotine gum, stuff like that, we’ll see what I’ll come up with to get my nicotine fix!


  3. Mmmmmmmm !!! You ‘one-upped’ me on that one !!! Lol Enjoy your multiple lung orgasms !!!! How many lung orgasms do you usually have per cig ?


    1. I haven’t counted, but I deep inhale a few times with every cigarette, 4 or 5 times maybe? I don’t know, at this point I just do it naturally, I don’t even think about it.


  4. I’ve done that in very brief intervals to my past smoking girlfriends. I would never withhold them for more than a few moments though. Not only do I have way too hard-core of a smoking fetish to where I would choose to endure time with a girl I’m into where she could be smoking but isn’t. How long did he withhold the cigarettes from you if you don’t mind my asking? And how many cigarettes would you say you smoke per day typically?

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    1. I smoke about 2 packs a day now, sometimes more, sometimes a little less. My biggest issue is the available time to smoke, so I’ll smoke a lot in the car, and any place there are no restrictions, I’m smoking.


  5. I used to fly a LOT – and I’ve missed connecting flights at airports that don’t have “smoking lounges” because I’ve had to get through security and back in.

    “stealth vaping” has been a game changer for me: The little auto-batteries, open them up and cut out that stupid LED. 36mg. Long deep holds and the body will absorb about 99% of the vapor, and ask for a cup of hot tea – pretending to sip it with the steam rising off means the vapor exhaled through the nose hits the hot tea and just dissipates into the steam, and covers any odor. I’ve also buried them in ballpoint pens. “Chewing on the end of a pen” isn’t uncommon. 😉

    It keeps me at a “steady state” until I can get off the plane and out of the airport, but it doesn’t diminish that first real cigarette at all though. It’s totally worth it. The inherent risk of being just a little bit “naughty” is probably worth it too. 😉

    I’ve vaped in my seat, vaped at the gate, vape daily at work pretty much constantly. I still smoke at least half a pack a day, but it has lessened it a little, 1-1.5 packs a day down, it’s a major cost savings.


  6. It is such a shame you´re not allowed to smoke in planes. If only there would be companies that offer flights for smokers… But those fucking antis would be against it and the companies are shitting in their pants. Maybe snuff tobacco helps you a bit to feed your cravings just a little bit. Of course that´s not sexy and not girlish at all, but it contains nicotine and it´s not that bad…


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