I had written a post about my mom smoking a few days ago, it had some pictures I took of her smoking without her knowing while we waited for a table for breakfast.

I took the post down, I just felt a bit weird about the whole thing.

But I wanted to share this picture here because to me it shows how passionate my mom is about smoking (and she’s not really recognizable here so I’m ok posting this one).

My mom is French and the French know how to smoke, they smoke with passion and my mom is no different. The way her cheeks sink so she can get as much smoke as possible deep inside her, she inhales twice often (I think she was doing that here) before letting the smoke out, how hungry and at the same time how classy and what a total pro she is while she smokes!

I think I’m a great smoker, I know what I’m doing, but someday I hope to smoke like my mom, the way she takes the cigarette out of the box, lights it, smokes it, handles it, it’s all like a choreographed dance (she used to be a professional flamenco dancer, that’s who I got most of my dancing skills from), everything about the way she smokes is perfect to me.

When I was younger my mom always told my sister and I not to smoke, but I’ve been smoking for 10 years now, for about 4 of those years she didn’t know I smoked, today she no longer lectures me about it. I’m just happy I always got to see her smoke and today I can share a cigarette with her openly, like we were doing this morning while waiting.

This picture doesn’t really show all of what I said here about her smoking, I wish I could put a ton of pictures or a video of her smoking for you to see, I just feel weird about doing that so i won’t, specially without her knowing, but trust me, you would probably totally appreciate watching my mom smoke.

I do.

Please don’t share this picture, I’m just posting it for my followers here.

Mom smoking 3

7 thoughts on “My Mom

  1. I tried smoking like your mom does and you are right about her getting as much smoke as possible deep inside her. It really fills your lungs up with smoke.


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