Here’s a little story from a guy who reads this blog, his name is Rick, so I thought I would share it.

Thanks, Rick!


You come over one day and tell me you have a surprise for me.

I ask ” What is the surprise, Anabelle?”

You tell me “I got these for you and I want you to smoke them just like I tell you.” And you pull out a pack of Virginia Slims menthol 120’s. You open up the pack and pull one out and put it between my lips. Then you take out your lighter and flick it and hold it to the end of my cigarette. As the flame from your lighter touches the end of my cigarette you say “Rick, suck that Virginia Slims hard, I want to see your cheeks hollow.”.

I start sucking it hard and as I do you tell me “Once your mouth is full of smoke I want you to inhale it, but only a little, not real deep, just enough to get it in your lungs and then just hold it in your lungs.”

As I finish my cheek hollowing drag you hold the cigarette while I inhale my drag. Then you say “Rick, wrap your lips around that Virginia Slims again.”  I do as you told me and then you say “Now take another cheek hollowing drag into your mouth.”

I start sucking as hard as I can on my Virginia Slims. Then as you can see I’m just about finished dragging you tell me “Now as I take the cigarette I want you to inhale that second drag as deep into your lungs as you can and then hold it in till I tell you to exhale.”.

I inhale as deep as I can and then while I hold both my drags in my lungs you say to me “Can you imagine how thick the smoke must be in your lungs?” Then you say “I’ll bet all that smoke feels really good in your lungs, can you feel it absorbing into your lungs as you hold it in?”.

Then you tell me I can exhale.

I exhale and I do get to exhale a fair amount of smoke, but nowhere near as much as I must have inhaled and you notice that too.

Then you say to me “You didn’t exhale anywhere near as much smoke as you inhaled. A lot of it must have gotten absorbed into your lungs. I hope you liked that, I know I did.”

Then you tell me “Now that you know how to smoke that Virginia Slims properly I want you to repeat what I just had you do, again! And keep repeating it till the cigarette is finished.”

As I smoke my Virginia Slims like you told me I’m really enjoying it. I love how it feels in my lungs, how much smoke I’m inhaling, and how it feels to hold it in and let some of the smoke absorb into my lungs. But, most of all I love that you taught me how to pleasure my lungs like that and made me do it.

After I finish my cigarette you coyly ask me” So, how was it”.

I tell you “Anabelle, that was incredible, it just felt so good in my lungs. Thank you for making me do it.”.

Then you say to me “You’re welcome and I loved watching you smoke it that way. Now how would you like to see me smoke one of those extra long Virginia Slims menthols the same way and pleasure my lungs?”

I reply “I would love that more than anything.”

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