For those of you who follow this blog, I’m sorry I haven’t been updating it.

Life has been a bit crazy.

I’ve been working a lot, got a biker bf (who supports my smoking), traveling, and I continue to smoke of course.

I also got an ex pro cheerleader friend of mine to start smoking (yes she’s hooked now, the nicotine definitely got to her). I didn’t set out to do that, but it happened anyway. Not sure how I feel about it, I guess I feel good and bad, the bad part is mainly because she has to hide it from her husband and I know how that turns out. She’s lucky her husband travels a lot for work. She’s become obsessed with keeping her breath smoke free with mints and sprays and everything, and she’s developed this weird habit where she keeps her cigarette hand waving away from her body to keep the smoke from clinging to her. It looks weird. When she really wants (or needs) to be smoke odor free, she’ll vape Njoys and she’s gotten pretty good at deep inhaling those things, though she prefers the cigarettes. Anyway, the good part is I got another smoking friend and she really seems to enjoy it.

I got a new car as well and decided I was not going to smoke inside it. So far it’s working, I actually like getting to where I’m going and finally getting that cigarette (usually two, depending on time) it feels great! As far as traffic, I’ve been doing breathing exercises to cope with that. I’ve only had my new car for about 3 weeks so we’ll see how not smoking in it will work out, if I eventually feel I need to have a smoke while driving, I guess I’ll just do it, but for now I’m trying to avoid it.

Hopefully I’ll start posting more regularly now, I have quite a few things I can share.

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